Colin Madland

Colin Madland

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (Distance Education)

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I'm Colin Madland, the e-Learning Facilitator for Thompson Rivers University Open Learning. I've previously taught high school physical education and digital media technologies in addition to a whole bunch of other courses.

I've got a personal blog, and I'm playing around with KNOWN, a social website that allows me to publish my own content on my server and then syndicate it to web tools like Twitter or Flickr as I see fit...or not.

In May 2014, I completed my Master of Education thesis about student interactions in online distance learning. Feel free to have a look.

As a guy living in Kamloops, BC, I can bike to and from work for the better part of 10 months a year, including both the coldest (-20C; 253K for you non-metric folks) and hottest (+41C; 313K) days in the last year. You can find my rides on Strava.

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